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Comparison between stoves and heating and cooking devices in Saudi Arabia 2023

Comparison of stoves and heating and cooking devices in Saudi Arabia

Food heating and cooking devices vary between microwaves and gas stoves, electric stoves, ovens, and rice cookers. These devices are considered to be loyal servants of the lady of the house, but are they all different ways of performing the same function? A team of Shaker Group specialists will answer this question to know the differences between food heating and cooking devices. The answer has been sought in depth by the most important research and opinion referendums.

Through this article, you can discover the real difference between food heating and cooking devices. This is when you learn about the types, advantages, and disadvantages of all heating devices. So let’s make a knowledge journey that doesn’t exceed 5 minutes.

What kinds of food heating and cooking devices might you need in your kitchen?

  1. Microwaves: They resemble closed ovens, but their tasks are limited to reheating food.
  2. Steamed rice cookers: are hardware that adopts steam cooking and cook and evaporates rice.
  3. Built-in ovens: A built-in oven is a cooking device built directly into the kitchen foundation, such as a wall or kitchen shelves.
  4. Electric stoves: An electric stove is a stove with an integrated electric heating device for cooking and baking.
  5. Gas burner: It is a stove for cooking and heating food and works on gas.
Food heating and cooking devices in Saudi Arabia
kinds of food heating and cooking devices might you need

Types of heating and cooking devices in Saudi Arabia in detail

Below, we have gathered all the information and details you need to learn about the Shaker Group’s food heating and cooking devices in Saudi Arabia. You can choose the most suitable product after comparing their types and features.

1. Microwave devices:

Learn about microwave features, disadvantages, brands, and prices from Shaker Group:

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  • Features: Heating food in a microwave gives you hot food in a short time, which is very economical.
  • Defects: Microwave devices may be less effective at killing bacteria and pathogens because the heating time is much shorter and sometimes food is not heated equally.
  • Brands: Find microwaves from Midea and Ariston brands.
  • Prices: Microwaves from Shaker Group start at 220 SAR to 1,710 SAR.

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2. Rice cookers:

Rice cookers are characterized by cooking a range of healthy foods as well as rice. Follow us to learn about their main advantages and disadvantages:

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  • Features: You can cook rice automatically, it keeps your meals warm, and it’s easy to clean.
  • Defects: Rice can burn down the preparation bowl if you don’t stir the rice every few minutes, as well as cause excess drying if the rice is cooked too much.
  • Brand: Rice cookers come through the Shaker Group under the Midea brand.
  • Price: Rice cookers start from 80 SAR. To 400 SAR.

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3. Compact ovens:

Built-in ovens are the most modern style among food heating and cooking devices and are in demand in Saudi Arabia. See their features and disadvantages:

See: The full range of ovens built into the Shaker Group.

  • Features: Never take space from your kitchen as combined with kitchen fittings, in addition to its enormous interior capacity.
  • Disadvantages: Some may see it in the high price, adding that the installation will be more expensive because it includes both wire or plumbing and carpentry. However, this will all be done once.
  • Brand: Shaker Group offers compact ovens from Midea and Ariston brands.
  • Prices: Built-in ovens start at 1,290 SAR. Up to 4,510 SAR.

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4. Electric stoves:

Electric stoves are generally controversial among users and those who are willing to buy them, so let’s see the most important information you should know about them:

Learn about: All kinds of electric stoves in Shaker Group.

  • Features: It’s easy to clean, safe, and doesn’t cost you more resources or waste time filling the gas tank.
  • Disadvantages: Electrical appliances may be protected at the start of cooking slower, plus you can’t use them when the power is out.
  • Brands: Shaker Group collects many high-quality brands such as Ariston, Bompani, Midea, and MITAG.
  • Prices: range from 750 SAR up to 5,200 SAR.

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5. Gas with burners:

Here are the most important features and disadvantages of gas stoves, as well as the most sought-after prices and brands in Saudi Arabia, from Shaker Group:

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  • Features: Gas stoves heat instantly, heat transfers evenly, and the food flavor is closer to the original flavor when cooking with a gas oven.
  • Disadvantages: Cleaning is difficult due to pot stents and burners, and cooking with gas is not safe.
  • Brand: Gas burner brands vary among many of the best brands in Saudi Arabia, such as MITAJ, ARISTON, BOMPANY, MIDEA, and INDIST.
  • Prices: Gas stoves cost about 1,320. SAR Up to 2,700 SAR. 

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What kind of food heating and cooking products are best for your home?

The answer to this question depends on your priorities in terms of meeting your requirements, available budget, available space, and a lot of other factors that may help you make a decision, so we can’t tell you what kind is best, but at the Shaker Group, we always try to take your hand to help you and your family make the best choice.

Types of food heating and cooking devices
kinds of food heating and cooking products are best for you

How do you choose the right cooking devices for you based on your needs?

There are some factors to consider when choosing food heating and cooking devices. Here are the top tips on how to choose the most suitable cooker for you:

  • Know your priorities: are you looking for a heating device only or a cooking device that also heats food?
  • Select your budget: find out what the most suitable option is for you within the available budget.
  • Choose the right size: that fits your kitchen space.
  • Determine the size of the cooking apparatus absorption: which is determined by the number of family members.
  • Easy to clean: being easy to clean is one of the first priorities everyone wants.

In conclusion, you can rely on the previous comparison between food heating and cooking devices to choose the most suitable device for you based on all the features mentioned besides the needs met by the selected device.


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