Shaker Extended Warranty Program

Starts After Two Years

 +1 YEAR

Pay 10% Of The Product Price & Get 3 Years Total Warranty

 +2 YEAR

Pay 13% Of The Product Price & Get 4 Years Total Warranty

 +3 YEAR

Pay 15% Of The Product Price & Get 5 Years Total Warranty

Enjoy the Below Benefits with Shaker’s Extended Warranty Program:

  1. Longer warranty period, as shaker offers 2 years full warranty on its products. This program offers up to 3 extra years according to the initial warranty term provided on the product warranty card.
  2. Response (visit) within 7 days maximum since time of request through  the contact center.8002445454 or on other channels.
  3. Shaker will replace the product with another new one, with the same features or higher, this is in case of the repair is not done within 30 days.
  4. Spare parts availability of 100% for the product during lifetime cycle
  5. If the same problem occur for 3 times and has not been repaired, the fourth complain will eligible you to replace the product.
  6. 100% service at the customer’s home (except domestic appliances)
  7.  Complete repair without spare parts within 7 days
  8. Completing the repair with spare parts within 14 days (in case a part is available in the Kingdom’s stock)
  9.  Completing the repair with spare parts follow

In warranty within 30 days

Out of warranty 60 days

(In case the part is not available in the Kingdom while submitting the service request)

Customer Must apply to the extended Warranty during the original Warranty Period (within 2 Years from purchase date).