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Best types of electric rice cookers in Saudi Arabia 2023

Electric rice cookers in Saudi Arabia

Learn about the best types of electric rice cookers in Saudi Arabia for 2023 and compare them in terms of features and prices to choose the one most suitable for your home and your needs.

The electric rice cooker facilitates healthy food. Its function is not limited to steaming rice; you can prepare different meals and keep them warm for long hours. Its smart features make cooking enjoyable with each use.

If you’re looking for the best rice cooker, read on with us; we’ll give you everything you need to know.

What is the cooking pot for electric rice?

An electric rice cooker is an electronic device designed to cook rice easily and quickly while keeping it warm until consumption. It consists of a saucepan, an indoor cooking bowl, thermostats, and a heating element.

Can a rice cooker cook other foods?

Yes, rice cookers can cook other foods. Steam rice saucepans are used to cook rice in all its forms but also to prepare cereals and pasta, make soups, and cook meat and pancakes.

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Best Electric Rice Cookers in Saudi Arabia
Can a rice cooker cook other foods?

Top 5 electric rice cookers from Shaker Store

The economic performance of preparing healthy food in an electric rice pot makes housewives want it to prepare their family’s favorite dishes.

Here are the best steam electric rice cookers in Saudi Arabia, via Shaker Group:

1. Midea electric rice cooking device, 1.5 liters, silver:

Order the best steam rice maker and get the perfect meal within a short time.

The Midea electric rice cooker has many smart features that enable you to make quantities for the whole family at the touch of a button. Easy mechanical control allows you to prepare your food quickly and smoothly thanks to the heat distribution method in the structure. The best 1.5-liter rice cooker in Saudi Arabia gives you perfect results every time.

2. Midea electric rice cooker, 1.8 liters, white:

Get an electric rice cooker and benefit from free, fast charging services in all Saudi cities.

Midea offers a 1.8-liter electric rice cooker with a comfortable design made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. This steam cooker is simple and easy to use. It has a removable aluminum steam cooking bowl that comes with automatic cooking and heating functions as well as indicator lights. It also includes a measuring cup and spoon with a glass cover and a cool-touch handle, as well as an easy-to-read water level indicator.

3. Midea steamed rice cooker with LED screen, white:

Buy a steam rice cooker and take advantage of exclusive discounts through the Saudi Shaker Group.

The electric rice cooker prepares rice efficiently and quickly because of its distinctive and practical design. It is multifunctional and keeps food automatically warm to save time. It comes with a spoon and a measuring cup for extra comfort. It detects when rice is ready, so you won’t even have to adjust the timer; it automatically switches modes to keep your rice tasty and fresh.

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4. Midea rice cooker with 1.8-liter silver LED display:

Buy steamed rice and benefit from the current discount period via the Saudi Shaker Group.

Rice Steam Cooking Midea is a practical and useful solution for preparing rice and many meals healthily. This is due to its sophisticated techniques that ensure cooking results different from traditional food preparation methods. It features a smart control screen that suits your family’s different dish preparation options. It has a pre-set 15-hour control system that enables you to determine the cooking time you want.

Simply prepare the ingredients and determine the right time to get an LED screen light indicating the cooking duration.

5. Midea multifunctional electric cooking pot, 14 programs, silver:

Shop for the right electric pressure cooker for different lifestyles and benefit from the current Shaker Collection offerings.

Steam rice cookers, with its exceptional technology and sophisticated operating programs, ensures perfectly cooked rice every time. It avoids burning or sticking rice to the bottom, as happens with traditional cooking methods. It also speeds up food preparation by up to 70%, saving time and energy. The most important feature of the electric pot is ease of cleaning due to the advantage of cooking in an inner container of non-stick aluminum that retains heat and steam.

Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of cooking programs that can meet your needs.

How do you choose the right rice cooker for you?

Here are the most important things to help you choose the best rice cooker device for you in Saudi Arabia:

  • Size and ability: Consider how many members of your family there are and choose the right amount; it’s not ideal to use a rice cooker bigger than you need.
  • Multifunction: The steam rice saucepan allows you to prepare all kinds of recipes alongside rice, so check out its features and versatility.
  • Quality and durability: Make sure your chosen steamed rice cooking pot is of high quality and made of safe and durable stainless steel.
  • Easy to clean: Rice cookers come with detachable inner utensils; choose an electric rice cooker with a non-stick bowl to simplify cleaning.
  • Design: Attention must be paid to touch sensors to improve ease of operation.
  • Cost: You can get an electric rice pot at the lowest cost, and it provides you with the main functions of cooking rice.

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Buy Electric Cooking in Installment in Saudi Arabia
How do you choose the right rice cooker for you?

Shop the best electric rice cookers by Midea brand from Shaker Store

Shop the right electric rice cooker for you now from a shaker range. Try a different cooking method than you know, enjoy high efficiency, and give your family a delicious taste of food in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Discounts on rice cookers and electric products from the Shaker Store

Saudi Shaker Group offers steam cooker discounts and quotations of up to 33%. Shop now for the best steam rice cooker at the most appropriate price, with the quality and high efficiency that make it last you for many years.

Buy an electric cooking pot in installments in Saudi Arabia

You can now buy a steam rice saucepan in installments in 4 batches at a cash price without additional benefits. This is done by ordering it from Shaker Group’s leading household electrical suppliers.

Free and secure shipping on all orders to all Saudi cities

Take advantage of free and fast charging electric rice cookers in Saudi cities. You can order one of the most suitable electric rice cookers for you in a few days.

FAQs about electric rice cookers

We have gathered below the most important common questions about electric rice cookers in Saudi Arabia that others have asked the Shaker Group team. We advise you to check them out to take advantage of them and choose the best ones.

1. What are the best rice cookers?

Midea rice cookers are the best because you’ll get a smart technique with great taste. In addition, you’ll get a practical and comfortable design to last you for many years to come.

2. How do I use a rice cooker?

The rice cooker is used for cooking very simply.
Here are the steps:
1. Calibrate the right amount of rice through the rice cooker cup or by using another cup you have.
2. Wash the rice as you would normally.
3. Determine the amount of water suitable for cooking based on the rice standard you use.
4. Add salt, ghee, or oil, and any spices you prefer.
5. Move the rice inside the pot using a wooden or plastic hanger.
6. Close the pot cover, select the appropriate program and timer, and press the play button.
7. Do not open the lid until the cooking period is over, with an additional 10 minutes expiring.

3. How long does rice steam cook?

Steaming rice lasts depending on the quantity used. One cup of regular rice’s cooking time taking up to 15 minutes, while a cup of whole grains needs 40-45 minutes.

In conclusion, we advise you to choose one of the types of previous electric rice cookers as being the best and most suitable for you based on users’ assessments .and opinions, as well as their sales numbers and high demand from Saudi families, which demonstrate the quality and great comfort they provide to the housewife



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