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Top Eid Offers in Saudi Arabia on Electronic Appliances for Your Home

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An Eid ul Fitr Sale Fit For Festivities 

Eid ul Fitr brings joy, celebration, and unity among Muslims worldwide. In Saudi Arabia, the festivities include home decorations, and home improvement, followed by delightful feasts prepared efficiently that are shared with family and friends. 

Simplify your Eid preparations and enhance your home’s functionality by investing in deals on electronic appliances from Shaker Group. From large appliances to small kitchen appliances, these investments included in the Eid ul Fitr Sale can streamline cooking, cleaning, and entertaining during this special season. Explore some of the top electronic appliances to elevate your Eid experience.

Eid ul Fitr Sale

The Best Eid Offers in Saudi Arabia

The festivities call for several reasons as to why you should invest in electronic appliances that make preparations and hosting easier. 

Whether you seek a spacious refrigerator for storing Eid treats, an efficient dishwasher for post-feast cleanup, or a sturdy blender for making your favorite dips and drinks, our Eid sale KSA is just the right opportunity to upgrade your home and make your celebrations unforgettable.

Here are some of our top deals for Eid available on our website:

Large Appliances

Taking advantage of Eid sales to purchase large appliances is a wise decision that combines financial savings with significant home improvements. By availing these discounts, you can upgrade to advanced, energy-efficient appliances at a reduced cost, enhancing your home’s functionality just in time for the festive season. 

Here are the large appliances included in Shaker’s Eid offer in KSA:

Midea Side-by-side Refrigerator 18.0 Cu.Ft, Smart Inverter Compressor – Silver

Maximize your storage without cramping your kitchen style with our spacious 18.0 cubic feet refrigerator. It’s roomy enough to house all your groceries, drinks, and more, ensuring nothing feels squeezed in. It comes with two special drawers that maintain moisture, your fruits and veggies will stay fresh for longer. 

You will have no problem when it comes to cleaning or rearranging; our shelves glide out effortlessly, making it easy to wash them or adjust their height to fit your needs. With our Multi Air Flow system, enjoy consistently cool temperatures in every nook and cranny, keeping your food perfectly chilled.

Midea Front Load Dryer – 8 Kg – 16 programs – White

Discover the secret to fabric-friendly drying with the innovative Condenser Drying System. Unlike traditional methods, this system utilizes mild, warm air that surrounds your laundry from all angles, gently mixed by soft carriers to prevent creases.

Perfect for families and large household, especially as a part of Shaker’s Eid Sale KSA, the 8 kg dryer offers both efficiency and convenience. Experience the ultimate drying function with the specially designed internal structure, providing optimal results every time. With multiple programs tailored to your clothes’ wetness, you can trust the dryer to deliver perfectly dry garments while preserving their elegance. 

Midea Chest Freezer 10.2 cubic feet – 290 Liters – White

Introducing the Midea Chest Freezer included in Shaker’s Eid al Fitr Sale, designed to simplify your kitchen experience. With an electronic adjustable thermostat, you can easily control the cooling for your frozen items, while the door can be positioned at various angles to prevent accidents. 

Cleaning is effortless thanks to the removable storage basket, and the smooth-rolling wheels make moving the freezer a breeze. Featuring a generous 290-liter capacity, you’ll never run out of space for your groceries. The key and lock system offers added safety, ensuring children stay out while allowing easy access for adults. 

Indesit Washer and Dryer – 9 Kg Washing & 6 Kg Drying – White

This appliance is the ideal washer/dryer for compact living spaces, offering both efficient cleaning and drying capabilities. With its front-load design, this appliance ensures maximum energy and water efficiency, making it a smart choice for environmentally-conscious consumers. 

Enjoy specialized programs tailored to different fabric types, including an Express Wash & Dry option for speedy cycles and a gentle wash specifically designed to preserve the vibrant colors of denim. A delayed timer allows for up to 24 hours of scheduling flexibility and adds convenience and versatility to your laundry routine. Say goodbye to laundry day hassles with this compact yet powerful washer/dryer solution.

Indesit Washing Machine Front Load 9 Kg – 16 Programs – grey

The advanced technology of the Indesit front-load washing machine comes with a variety of cycles available, so you can easily choose the perfect option for your laundry needs. 

The Rapid mode allows for quick and efficient washing in just 50 minutes, even at low temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius and a spin speed of 1200 RPM. With a capacity of 9 kg and 16 programs, this washing machine in silver offers both convenience and versatility for your laundry tasks.

Indesit Front Load Dryer – 7 Kg – 16 Programs – gray

This Indesit dryer included in Shaker’s Eid Offers in Saudi Arabia features an innovative Ventilation System, designed to gently dry your laundry effectively. You can choose from different drying programs depending on how wet your clothes are. 

This system ensures your clothes are dried efficiently while keeping them protected. With a free-standing design, a capacity of 7 kg, and over 15 drying programs, this deal on electronic appliances promises excellent results every time.

Small Appliances

Small appliances such as kitchen appliances offer incredible value during Eid sales. These discounts allow you to invest in advanced, energy-efficient appliances at a fraction of the cost, improving your home’s functionality for the festive season ahead. Don’t miss out on Shaker’s Eid offer in KSA, where you can enjoy significant savings on a wide range of small appliances designed to streamline your daily tasks and bring convenience to your kitchen.

Midea Food Processor – 2 Liters – 800 Watt – grey

Discover the versatility of Midea’s Food Processor, an essential addition to your kitchen. With a 2-liter capacity and 800W power, it handles various food preparation tasks like chopping, grinding, and pureeing with ease. Featuring two speeds, a pulse function, and touch buttons for easy operation, this appliance is compact, lightweight, and ideal for everyday use. 

The stainless steel blade offers durability and precision, while the blade lock system enhances safety. Included as a free gift with large appliance purchases as part of Shaker’s Eid offers in Saudi Arabia, this food processor is a must-have for any kitchen. 

Midea Blender – 2 Speeds – 1.5 Liters with Grinder – 600 watt – Black

Midea’s powerful Blender, is designed for durability and convenience in your kitchen. With a powerful 600-watt motor, this blender tackles various tasks with its 2-speed settings and ice-crushing function. 

The 1.5-liter glass jug is not only ultra-durable but also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. With six detachable blades for effortless cleaning and an included grinder accessory, this blender is a versatile addition to any kitchen, especially for Eid celebration preparations. 

This item is now a complimentary gift when you purchase designated large appliances from Shaker, adding more value to your Eid celebrations. This offer is valid until stocks run out, making now the perfect time to upgrade your kitchen with Midea’s Blender.  

Midea Fruit Juicer – 2 Speeds – 1.25 Liters – Grey

Midea’s Electric Fruit Juicer is designed for convenience and efficiency, allowing you to juice whole fruits or minimally sliced veggies with ease. It features two-speed levels, a powerful 600-watt motor, a 1.25-liter juice bowl, and a 1.5-liter pulp container. The juicer also has a drip-stop spout, secure lid lock, and non-slip rubber feet for safety and stability.

For a limited time only, Midea’s Electric Fruit Juicer is also offered as a complimentary gift with the purchase of designated large appliances in Shaker’s Eid offer in KSA. This exclusive offer is available while stocks last. Get yours today.

Built-In Appliances

Built-in appliances, similar to large appliances play an important role in the functionality of your home. They come in handy, especially during busy holiday seasons when you host multiple guests, and functions and need to keep the work pace moving smoothly and effortlessly. Explore the built-in appliances included in these Eid Al-Fitr offers on electrical appliances in Saudi Arabia to    find the best pick for you at unmatched prices: 

Midea Dishwasher – 7 Program – 12 Place Setting – White

Experience the ultimate cleaning and drying experience with the Midea dishwasher. Equipped with advanced technology, it delivers sparkling clean and dry results, simplifying your daily life. With multiple programs catering to various levels of cleanliness, you can customize your wash cycle according to your needs. 

Its industry-leading quiet operation makes it perfect for small, bustling kitchens, while the flexible loading racks accommodate larger pots and dishes with ease. Featuring a sleek design with a stainless steel body and modern handle, this dishwasher is ideal for any household.

Midea Gas Cooker- 5 Burners – grey – 85×89.5

Upgrade your kitchen with the Midea Gas Cooker, featuring five gas burners, including one double-ring burner, and a spacious gas oven and grill. Safety is paramount with flame failure safety devices fitted to each burner, ensuring peace of mind while cooking. 

The enamel interior with EZ clean function makes cleaning a breeze, while the scratch-resistant and long-lasting coating ensures durability. Enjoy precise flame control with SABAF Italian burners, while the rotisserie feature allows for perfect roasting. 
Additional features such as the safe glass lid, open drawer for extra storage, and electronic ignition add convenience to your cooking experience. Made from stainless steel, this kitchen appliance combines functionality with a sleek design, making it a must-have for any kitchen.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the deals on Electronic Appliances included in Shaker’s Eid al Fitr Sale 2024.

How do built-in appliances benefit my kitchen during Eid preparations?

Built-in appliances such as ovens and microwaves are seamlessly integrated into your kitchen layout, maximizing space and efficiency for large-scale cooking. They offer a sleek and organized appearance while enhancing functionality, making them perfect for preparing elaborate Eid feasts.

Can a built-in dishwasher handle the heavy load of dishes after an Eid feast?

Absolutely! A high-capacity built-in dishwasher is designed to handle large volumes of dishes, pots, and pans efficiently. With multiple programs catering to various cleanliness levels, it ensures thorough cleaning and quick turnaround, allowing you to enjoy the festivities without worrying about the cleanup process.

Can I find appliances in different colors and sizes to match my kitchen decor and space requirements?

Yes, Shaker’s Eid sale KSA offers a wide range of electronic appliances in various colors, sizes, and designs to suit different kitchen aesthetics and space constraints. Whether you’re looking for a sleek stainless steel refrigerator or a compact dishwasher in white, you’ll find options that complement your kitchen decor and meet your specific needs.

Can I find appliances in different colors and sizes to match my kitchen decor and space requirements?

Yes, Shaker’s Eid Offers in Saudi Arabia offers a wide range of electronic appliances in various colors, sizes, and designs to suit different kitchen aesthetics and space constraints. Whether you’re looking for a sleek stainless steel refrigerator or a compact dishwasher in white, you’ll find options that complement your kitchen decor and meet your specific needs.

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