LG Split Smart Dual Inverter Air Conditioner 21000 BTU Hot-Cold – White – NS242H3SK1


5,798.99 SAR (Tax Included)

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Extend your warranty beyond standard warranty and get longer warranty with quick resolution time and 100% service at your home

1. Installation does not include removal of the existing unit.
2. Installation includes 3 meters of pipe. Additional pipe will be charged at SAR. 80.00 per meter.
3. Terms and Conditions will be applied

الإرجاع: 7 Days

Additional information
Weight 60.5 kg
Dimensions 99.8 × 34.5 × 21 cm
Installation Type

Cooling & Heating

Cooling Capacity

Comperssor Warranty

Compressor Type

Energy Label Grade
Motor Insulation

Power Factor (Cooling)
65C ° ضاغط استوائي


Defrost Method

Faster Cooling

Fan Type

Motor Type

Low Noise

Smart Display

Comfort Sleep

Dual Protection Filter
Auto Cleaning

تشخيص ذاتي



Pipe Maximum Elevation
Maximum Elevation

Auto Swing

شفرة ذهبية

Plasmaster Ionizer



Model Number

Remote Controller


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The Advantages Of A Split Type Air Conditioner

While less well known, a split-type air conditioner is a great alternative solution for cooling your home. Like window units, split type air conditioners are easy to install and inexpensive compared to central air systems. However, there are several advantages to a split type air conditioner that can make it a better option for many households.

Cost Effective

Both split type air conditioner and window units are cost effective alternatives to central air because both of their installations do not require duct work. However, because of their two-unit setup, split type air conditioners have a several significant advantages over window units.

Energy Saving & Fast Cooling

Inverter Compressor constantly adjusts a compressor’s speed to maintain desired temperature levels. Moreover, Dual Inverter Compressor™ with power saving operation range frequency saves more energy than conventional compressor. Thanks to the Dual Inverter compressor, air is expelled farther and faster.

Flexible And Easy To Install

Split type air conditioners are also easily scalable for your home. Because one outdoor unit can control multiple indoor units, split type systems are capable of providing even cooling throughout your home , whereas a single window unit is limited to a single room. This also means that split type air conditioners can provide significant savings for larger home cooling projects.

Make The Right Choice

As with any home project, the decision of which solution is best for you comes down to how well you understand your home.

Up to 53% Energy saving & Up to 60% Fast cooling, 10 year Warranty on Compressor, 65ºC Operation Tropical Dual Inverter Compressor, Gold Pin, Low Noise, SKU: NS242H3SK1