Corporate Sales

Pleased to introduce our company and services for corporate sector.

Shaker is the most prominent and trusted company when it comes to international brands and their products. We supply huge range of products for companies, corporate clients, and of course general consumer. We offer almost all the leading international brands and their extensive range of Air conditioning systems, home appliances and televisions.

We strongly believe in customer relationship and that sales is only the beginning of our relationship with the client.

With dedicated service centers across the kingdom for comprehensive after sales service we offer extended warranty, free delivery, AC installation and home appliances service.

We also provide consultation. Our professional and dedicated team can advise on after sales programs with relevant options and specification that suits your business needs.

We are glad to receive your queries and request on:

Tel : +966 11 263 8900 | 800 244 5454
Fax: +966 11 263 2402

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